HTA beyond 2020: Ready for the New Decade?

One year ahead of the end of a number of prominent HTA strategies and projects, the course will (and has to) be set for future development of HTA worldwide in 2020 and beyond. Thus, the preliminary results will fuel the debate about the future of HTA.

Besides many important strategies and projects dealing with HTA there are some prominent ones like, HTAi’s own strategy paper, accompanied by Horizon 2020, the main research program of the EU Commission, and the EUnetHTA Joint Action 3 project, the proposal of the EU-Commission for a regulation on HTA in Europe after 2020. Moreover, other key scientific programs like IC-Permed, the international consortium for personalized medicine, will be more important than ever. The discussion about subsequent strategies, projects, developments and changes as a result of these projects will be starting in 2019.

Therefore, the HTAi Annual Meeting provides an ideal presentation and discussion platform for opportunities, emerging challenges and possible threats. Trends for harmonization and standardization are confronted by progressive digitalization, disruptive innovations, and the questioning of established evidence requirements. The European proposal for “HTA after 2020” might stand exemplarily for the important international strategic efforts to strengthen HTA for the new decade. Furthermore, globalization takes place and HTA becomes much more important for emerging markets. 2019 is the perfect time to tie this “varicolored bouquet” of important HTA developments together, looking into the future and asking: HTA beyond 2020: Ready for a New Decade?

Welcome Message from the ISPC Co-Chairs

It is with great pleasure to welcome you all to the 16th HTAi´s Annual Meeting to be held in Cologne, Germany, on June 15 – 19, 2019. 

2019 sees HTA on the edge of a new decade. This refers not only to the year, but to emerging challenges within the HTA community: trends for harmonisation and standardisation are confronted by progressive digitalisation, disruptive innovations, and the questioning of established evidence requirements. The European proposal for “HTA after 2020” might stand exemplarily for the important strategic efforts to strengthen HTA in the new decade. In 2019 we will have a good idea about the results of this proposal and its possible impact leading into the HTAi Annual Meeting:

HTA beyond 2020: Ready for a New Decade?

The main theme is supplemented by three plenaries:

  • HTA Beyond 2020: One Size Fits All? Will joint international assessments improve or hinder HTA?
  • HTA Beyond 2020: Era of Digital Health?
  • HTA Beyond 2020: Need for Smart Capability Building?

In 2019 we welcome you to Cologne, the lively city on the Rhine. Cologne is the fourth largest city in Germany, located in the heart of the country. In combination with the nearby former German Capital Bonn, Cologne is one of the scientific hotspots in Germany: 14 universities, established research institutions and many international companies can be found in and around Cologne. This guarantees incredible opportunities for knowledge transfer and is reflected in the various interdisciplinary approaches, cooperation and international high-class conferences that are found there. Cologne’s infrastructure couldn’t be better for an international exchange: three main international airports are less than an hour away and the city is on one of the main German intersections of Western Europe’s rail and motorway system. In addition, Cologne’s cultural heritage, outstanding recreational opportunities, and the openminded, welcoming nature of its citizens imbue the city with a powerful magnetism.

Join us in beautiful Cologne as we push forward towards a new decade for HTA. We are very much looking forward to welcoming you.

Jasmine & Alric
Co-Chairs, HTAi 2019 International Scientific Program Committee (ISPC)


Notifications on WORKSHOP & PANEL ACCEPTANCE have been sent out

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On Friday, November 9, 2018, the Notifications on Workshop and Panel Acceptance for the HTAi 2019 Annual Meeting Scientific Program have been sent out. Check your inboxes or consult our online system following this LINK, clicking on ‘Review (or update presenters of) your Workshop or Panel Session’. The detailed notification can be found under ‘Submission Status’.

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HTAi 2019 Travel Grants

Posted Fri, Oct 26 2018

HTAi offers Travel Grants to support HTA stakeholders who would otherwise not be able to attend the HTAi Annual Meeting for the purpose of presenting their work or otherwise benefiting from participation in the global HTA community. Review the Eligibility Criteria and Submission Guidelines here and make sure to submit your application until November 16, 2018.

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Posted Wed, Oct 03 2018

Make sure to submit your Workshop or Panel Abstract by October 4, 2018, 11:59 PM Mountain Standard Time. This is also the last chance to make any updates and add any information to your already submitted Workshop or Panel Abstracts. LINK to the Abstract Submission System.

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