2019 Host Organizations



Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG)

IQWiG is the German HTA Agency, established under the Health Care Reform 2004 as an institution of the Foundation for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care. IQWiG’s legal foundations and responsibilities are laid down in the German Social Code Book V. As an independent scientific institute, IQWiG examines the benefits and harms of medical interventions for patients. The institute produces independent, evidence-based HTA reports on:

  • drugs
  • non-drug interventions
  • diagnostic tests and screening tests
  • clinical practice guidelines and disease management programs

Most of our reports are commissioned by the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA, the supreme decision-making committee of self-governing bodies in German health care), which includes representatives of physicians, dentists, hospitals, patients and statutory health insurance (SHI) funds.

IQWiG is fully independent in its scientific work, i.e. neither industry, SHI funds nor regulatory authorities are able to influence the contents of our reports. These reports are used to support decision-making by the G-BA, for example, on the reimbursement of medical interventions for members of the SHI funds. IQWiG also provides an evidence-based patient information portal: Informed Health: https://www.informedhealth.org/.

Apart from the G-BA, the German Ministry of Health (BMG) can also request reports. In addition, IQWiG can itself initiate research on important questions in health care.

IQWiG is well connected internationally and is a member or actively involved in international organizations for HTA and evidence-based medicine such as HTAi (including the Policy Forum), INAHTA, EUnetHTA, ISPOR and Cochrane. In addition, IQWiG maintains direct contacts to HTA organizations worldwide, e.g. HAS, ZIN, KCE, NICE, CADTH.

German Institute for Medical Documentation and Information (DIMDI)

DIMDI – the German Institute for Medical Documentation and Information –is a public institute within the federal ministry of health, Germany. The institute fulfils since 45 years legal requirements within Germany and the European Union as publisher and developer of national and international standards in information exchange, classifications and terminologies, national official information systems on medical devices, pharmaceuticals, health care data, national study register and Health Technology Assessment. In addition, DIMDI is hosting some related registers based on legal requirements as well as the institute is serving with literature databases and publishing (in connection with the national medical library and the association of scientific medical associations) an open access journal (eGMS).

Nationally the Institute is also offering specified IT services within the government. By this DIMDI is also integrated within the development of Telemedicine platform in Germany and co-operates with national and international universities on specific projects.

Internationally DIMDI is WHO collaboration center for classifications, working together with European medicine agency as the national responsible organization for data transmission on pharmaceutical information and actively participating in scientific networks and associations, in projects on data standards and data evaluation. DIMDI is founding member of HTAi and EUroScan international network e.V.